What if?

What if we all just changed our view on things?  I would venture to say that most people feel they just don’t have enough.  They don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough space, they don’t have enough closet space and so on.   What if..…  we just decided one day to change that thought process.  What if..…… we looked around at our homes and our places that we have been gifted with to occupy and said……….Thank You Lord for all these things that you have given me. Help me to make the very best use of them I can make.  Suddenly – you have too much.  What you have too much of…..the earth, nature, God all want us to make use of for another.  What if we made genuinely good use out of what we haveDSCN6236?

How can we all learn to waste less? How can we learn to be incredibly thankful for the things we have, and use and re-use and re-purpose and not buy new what is already likely available to you under your nose.  Think outside the box.  Is shiny and new cooler?  Not…so….sure….

What if…………  


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