4 Pack – 3.5 x 5 Note Cards.

Choose a variety pack of 4 Note Cards.  Each is individually wrapped in cello wrap and envelope is included.  These cards are made of 100% recycled materials.  We re-purpose everything we can find to use as the card embellishments.  Garden blooms are also a favorite.

$15.00 for 4 cards.

Order by using the PayPal button below include your shipping address.  You may order through email or facebook also just contact me and we can arrange billing and shipping.   simplypaperbylisa@gmail.com.

1- 4 Pack
Cards: $15.00
Tax:     $1.43
Shipping: $3.25
Total:  $20.18

Ship To

If you are wanting to order more than 1 package or have a special order please just email me and we can arrange payment and shipping —or you can pay directly to simplypaperbylisa@gmail.com through PayPal. Below I have listed payment for two packs.

2-4 Packs

Cards: $30.00
Tax: $2.96
Shipping: $5.25
Total:  $38.21