lisa logo 2Simply Paper.  What is it?  What makes it special?

Simply Paper is what we call our 100% recycled note cards and gift enclosure cards.  Our cards are made from 100% recycled junk mail, business files that are outdated, envelopes that are not used, receipts that are not needed, any kind of paper.

With a love for gardening we add in special touches from pressed flowers that are grown at our home in our garden.  The combination makes for a beautiful note card that shows thoughtfulness, along with love of our earth and a return to basics in the things that we use.

Our note cards are unique.  Each one is created individually , we cannot make them identical.  If you want to send a special message, use Simply Paper to show your love.

Celebrate our beautiful Earth and recycle!
Celebrate our gifts and re-purpose!


lisa logo 2